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This assorted case of 500 Gram Cakes features a variety of effects and durations that are sure to satisfy.  Whether the consumer is looking for a duration cake with single shots and a finale, or an aggressive volley cake this set of devices includes both types.  With 25 Shots each and durations up to 35 seconds, this Military-themed series from Great Grizzly is a true value and a sure bet to keep customers coming back!

Bravo is a variety cake with a long duration.  With 25 shots featuring gold palms with red & green stars to white strobe and crackling, two volleys of brilliant flying fish, and a tremendous 3 shot golden palm finale, it is sure to please the audience.  Lasts about 35 seconds.

Alpha lasts over 30 seconds and has a great variety of effects. This 25 shot cake features red & blue peonies to white strobe with chrysanthemum crackling, two volleys of exciting 3 stage whistling tails, golden peonies with crackling, and an excellent 3 shot finale of golden crackling palms.

Sierra features 7 sets of spectacular volleys for those looking for an aggressive paced device. With 25 shots featuring two volleys each of golden willows to red and green strobe, bright tiger tails with red and green pearls, purple and blue peonies with crackling, and a 3 shot finale of red brocade to sharp timed rain.

Echo displays 7 sets of brilliant volleys making this cake a true aerial assault. With 25 shots featuring volleys of golden whirlwinds to red pearl, 3 stage whistling tails, red and green peonies with white strobe, red and green strobe with crackling and a 4 color peony finale with white strobe and crackling.